We have tried to answer the most common questions asked.

If you have a question we haven’t covered just send us an email or complete our contact form

Do You Include SEO In Your Website?


Yes, we do research into your business and add high ranking keywords into the text supplied. We also add the meta data and snippet to the home page.

We also add your page to Google Search, which tells Google to crawl and start ranking your page.

You may find that other web developers will not do any SEO, in that case you have very little chance of being found on Google

How Long Does A Website Take To Build?


Depending on when we get sign offs at each stage it can be only a couple of weeks. We normally find 2-3 weeks is a good time frame.

How Many Developers Will Work On My Site?


You will usually have one developer that will work with you through the process. They will be your point of contact to answer any questions you may have.

Can You Host My Website?


Yes, we offer affordable hosting plans as well as domain names. Each new website gets 6 months free hosting with us.

Do We Need To Meet In Person?


No, we have remote clients and can easily work by phone or set up a Skype call. Sunshine Coast or Brisbane clients we are more than happy to have a meeting in person if you wish.

Can I Manage The Website After It Is Built?


Absolutely, WordPress is easily manageable to upload photos, add new text etc. We offer free training after the site is live to show you how to manage the site yourself.

We also offer plans to maintain and update your site as well.

What Is The Advantage Of WordPress Over Say Wix or Weebly?


Wix or any ‘drag and drop’ subscription site builder is limited in there functionality especially when it comes to SEO

The other main factor and a very important one is if you stop paying your subscription with any of these sites you will lose the site, usually after 30 days

This could be devastating to your business, a website is an asset especially if you intend to sell your business one day and the website is a big lead generator for it

With a WordPress cpanel website you own the site and can take it and sell it as part of the business,

How Do I Pay For My Website?


We structure the payment into three invoices, one before work is started and you are happy with the layout, second is when production starts and third after the site is finished before it goes live.

Will My Site Be Optimsed For Mobile and Tablet?


Yes, every website will be optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop viewing.

What If I Have Hosting For My Current Website Somewhere Else?


Thats fine, we can easily build your new website using your current host or move it across to our hosting

How do you charge for SEO?


We have affordable SEO packages depending on you requirements and budgets

How do I know if Social Media Marketing will work for my business and what are your costs?


Depending on your type of business we first find out where your potential customers are hanging out, we do this through previous experience and research, be it Facebook, Instagram or Youtube etc.

We then do a free strategy proposal which outlines campaigns, budgets and timeframes that we are all agreeable on, we then recommend our Social Media Marketing pricing packages.