What is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach includes a piece of content (normally a blog post) with a natural link to your site that you publish on another website. You do this to get awareness, qualified traffic, authority, credibility, and recognition through the contextual link coming to your site and should be included in your SEO strategy

Blogger outreach is a link building technique that brings many business benefits, besides making a healthy backlink profile with a valuable, high quality and powerful link.

Blogger outreach works the best only if done using the white hat and right methods that avoid any link scheme mentioned in Google’s quality guidelines. So choosing the best guest posting site, writing valuable content and placing the link in the right place are very important to bring the best results.

Out of the 200 or so ranking signals which contribute to Google’s overall ranking algorithm, having backlinks with your target keywords appearing in the anchor text or ‘hyper link’ placed on another website pointing back at yours, will increase your search engine rankings and visibility (if the site linking to you is considered to be a quality website in the eyes of Google).

Link building can be highly laborious, frustrating and even completely baffling, however if you want your website to be competitive in the search engines improving your backlink profile and increasing social signals and engagement is an absolute must.

All the efforts behind blogger outreach service SEO are to build a strong link profile that acts as a pillar for your whole SEO strategy.